Once upon a time when he could remember -

Once upon a time when he could remember

As time goes by, it becomes more and more apparent that Gavin’s entire state of being is in decline. One of the most impactful for him, at least from my perspective, is his memory loss.

Memory loss is probably not the right word choice because it’s more like unable to remember than it is losing memories he already has.

The latest example of this is from a few minutes ago.

Gavin is continuing to lose weight and his gastro put him on Ensure. He’s supposed to drink one with every meal, totalling three a day.

We’ve talked about it many times and he’s specifically asked about when he was going to get the Ensure, so he can have one with each meal.

There was a delay with his shipment of Ensure and it finally arrived yesterday.

We discussed it last night and once again reminded him that he’s supposed to drink one with each meal. He’s super excited about this because they taste good and he sees them as like a treat of some sort.

Just a few minutes ago, he asked me how many he’s supposed to have a day because he couldn’t remember. 😔

I try not to just answer his questions, especially when the answer is something he should know. What I do is try and help him walk through what he’s asking and sorta prompt him to Remer the answer himself.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Once upon a time, Gavin was able to remember things with such detail, it’s was simply amazing. Anymore, he struggles with remembering pretty much everything.. 😔

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