Why am I so exhausted? I’m an #Autism parent, that’s why

Going into this post, it’s important to know that I’m frustrated and trying to make a point about why Autism parents, like myself are so exhausted all the time. Every time I’m asked why I’m so exhausted, it’s a reminder how little people understand the challenges I face as an Autism parent.

I’m absolutely venting but trying my best to do so in a way that helps to put things into perspective.

I shouldn’t have to say this but I love my kids and Autism is part of who they are. I accept them and love them just the way they are. The reality however, is that Autism can make things very, very difficult. If you can relate to this, please show your support by clicking the Like, Share or Tweet button and help spread the word.

One of the main reasons I write this blog or at least started writing this blog a decade ago, was to raise awareness. I wanted to raise awaress for my kids with Autism, as well what my wife and I experienced while proudly raising them.

The are over 11,000 posts on this blog and if there was one single take away from my collective journaling, it would be that Autism parenting is fucking exhausting.

Autism parenting is a 25 hour a day, 8 days a week, 366 days a year, lifetime appointment. There is no end and often times, very few if any meaningful breaks. Even if we get a break, we can’t turn off the fear, worry, anxiety and stress we feel. These feelings are a constant in our life and for good reason.

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Well, plus you’re a good person trying to help your family. And all 4 of them have serious issues (albeit 2 of them much more so). I have to imagine there may be less diligent autism parents who don’t care, and don’t try to help their family. It’s obvious you’re on the side of the angels.

Paul Smith

As an autistic adult, I find that I feel the same way. Constantly tired at the moment.

kimmy gebhardt
kimmy gebhardt

Since this was written in response to my post I’m going to reply. I know your life is exhausting. Being a parent is exhausting, being an Autism parent even more so. But my question still stands- why are you so exhausted by having to be out of your house for 10 hours? Exhausted in general I get, but I was curious because you said you were exhausted by that trip to Cleveland and I (falsely, apparently) assumed there was more to it than just your general state of being. That said, and I am sure I will incur your wrath… Read more »


I’m an asperger. There is such a card application for autism in Europe (or rather to protect us). I… https://t.co/UFNW6zDjKh


Hey Rob. It’s nice to meet you sort off. I am a parent of two boys with Autism. Your meme has made it to me from the UK (I’m not in the UK but the US (AZ)). Although I understand what you are saying, some people don’t. I’m actually in a heated discussion over your meme with someone who has 6 autistic kids. As I was going back and forth, I realized that people who don’t actively deal with children or provide care for people on the spectrum AND people who bear their autism flags (I’m actually bantering with the… Read more »