#Meltdowns, Surgery and 13th Birthday’s

Thus far, my day has been spent doing laundry and some basic home repairs. I finally broke down and bought a new cordless drill to replace the one I no longer had because someone never returned it after using it. I’ve used a screwdriver to do everything and while that obviously works for most things, it doesn’t for all of them. I made some progress today and that feels good. 😉

I want to go walking today and I’m hoping I’m able to pull that off. Actually, it’s less want to and more like need to.

Also, my oral surgery is scheduled for March 22, 2019. I’m having my 3 wisdom teeth removed. Only one is partially impacted and the other 2 are straightforward. I’ll talk more about this later but suffice it to say, I’m a bit stressed out over this. I know it’s not a huge deal at all but my first and only other trip to the oral surgeon, was for emergency surgery as a small child. It left me traumatized and impacts me on a nearly daily basis. I’m finally working through it and made my triumphant return to the dentist a few months back. All I have left to do is get these 3 teeth pulled and I’ve reclaimed my life.

I know that sounds weird but this fear has controlled me for way too long and I’m done. ☺

On a side note, I was unable to publish a new podcast episode on Friday due to technical issues. My interview with Harish Bikmal, the founder of Zenaviv had to rescheduled for this coming Friday. I’m going to possibly put together a bonus pod in the next few days. People have been asking me to talk about the things I talk about here, but in a podcast. Maybe nows a good time to do that.

I’m thinking about doing a what it feels like to be an Autism parent episode, where I just talk about how I feel and things I struggle with, as well as all the amazing things I get to experience. Stay tuned.

For now, be sure to get caught up by listening to the first 5 episodes and you can find them all right here.

Have a great Sunday folks. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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