Being an #Autism parent has been exceptionally challenging for me today -

Being an #Autism parent has been exceptionally challenging for me today

It’s been a long day. It’s been a very, very long day and my anxiety is through the roof. Between Emmett and his fricking pick eye and Gavin with his incessant talking, and psychosis, I’m frazzled.

Emmett has had two rounds of eye drops and should be able to return to school on Wednesday. He’s tolerating the drops, but he’s not happy because they burn a little bit. That said, he’s doing a good job thus far making me both grateful and proud.

A large part of my current stress and anxiety centers around Gavin. He’s not doing anything wrong, and the challenges we face in coexisting with him are not his fault. Nevertheless, he’s exhausting, and his constant talking is extremely frustrating.

I’m struggling today, and I haven’t been this anxious in a long time. I’m talking about the anxiety that causes my chest to feel funny and blood pressure to increase.

Trying to keep myself centered is proving to be more difficult at the moment and at this point, I’m not coping very well.

Hopefully, a good night’s sleep is all I’ll need to hit the reset button. I know I can do better but not without a reset.

The positive is that I physically made it through and will have another stab at life tomorrow. I’m going to put that in the win column.

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@andrewmorrisuk Strength and peace to you.

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