18 hours and 1,000 miles later…

I’m exhausted and can not keep my eyes open much longer but I wanted to drop a quick update.

The boys and I have been traveling across the country on a journey from Ohio to Florida. After about 18 hours of driving and roughly 1,000 miles later, we’re in Florida. Everyone is doing okay and I survived the trip with my sanity, mostly intact.

I’ll be working on some more detailed posts but I only have so much time here and I want to really focus on the experience itself.

I’m so tired and I need to get some sleep be auae we have a very busy weekend a head of us. Stay tuned. I’ll try to get caught up later today. For now, here’s a few images from our journey thus far.

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    • Curtis G. on February 15, 2020 at 12:36 pm
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    So glad you had a safe trip. You guys have a really great time. You all deserve it.

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