I’m so frustrated with society right now

I’m so frustrated with society right now

Today has truly been a mixed bag but at the end of the day, we’re still here. I recorded my second interview today, since going on hiatus. I’ve put together a new setup that works so much better and it didn’t cost me a penny. I was able to adjust the way I used existing equipment to dramatically improve the way I do things. It’s going to makes things so much easier for me.

I had the most fascinating conversation about summer learning with Matthew Boulay, PhD, and I’m hoping to have the episode ready in the next few weeks.

The kids were so cooperative for the time I need to record and I’m so grateful for that.

We spent some time playing video games together and while we tried to go to the park, it just wasn’t safe due to literally no one wearing a mask or social distancing. Rather then be defeated by all the covidiots out there, we opted to come home and spend some time in the yard. It’s not what we wanted to do but it was the safest alternative.

We’ve been working on getting the yard in shape. Mowing the law is a breeze, thanks to the new lawn mower. The boys are really enjoying yard work and for the first time ever, I’m not stuck doing this alone.

It’s not perfect but we’re making progress. We’re trying to make this as nice as we can because generally speaking, it’s our only escape.

At one point, we decided that it would be a great idea to groom Ruby. Myself and the two youngest gave her a hair cut. She did amazingly well and I was frankly surprised. She looks so different now and I’ll get some pictures up later.

I’m trying to remain focused on the positives but it’s getting harder and harder because I’m increasingly frustrated by the attitude of the general public in regards to COVID19. There were house party a few doors down and another one directly behind us today. Lots of people. Zero social distancing and not a mask was seen.

Anyway, I’m going to try to go to sleep. Most of us are still awake at 1 am because there are fire crackers going off all around us. It’s been like this for weeks and I assumed it was protest related but it’s getting to be a bit much. I’m talking explosions that rattle our windows and scare the shit out of the kids.

I’ve got the thunderstorm sounds playing, trying to drown out the noise or at least disguise it.

Have a great night.

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I’m sorry Rob. Because we (Ohio, in general) socially distanced for a couple or 3 months, it flattened the curve enough so that skeptics are saying, “Oh, we didn’t need to to that!” It sucks. In my rural corner of the state we don’t have too many deaths (1 in my county), so people are just going along. I haven’t personally set foot in a store, and while my husband does, he always wears a mask. If I was a widow I’d only do delivery or use the Walmart personal shopper.

As long as the people near you aren’t too close to you, they shouldn’t infect you, and by you, I especially mean Gavin. They are ignorant but if they choose to be ignorant, get sick, and then die or are handicapped for life, it isn’t something you can change. I hope you can block them out. Bob had to go out and when he came home he told me that there was a ball game going on nearby.

So, sending you all good wishes. And I hope you find a place that is more isolated to go take a quiet walk.

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