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What the hell is Common Variable Immunodeficiency?

With all the recent talk surrounding Gavin’s immunological issues, I thought I would put something together that would help to educate those among us who may not know what CVID is or what it means to be diagnosed with it. Here’s a quick 5-minute rundown or what Common Variable Immunodeficiency is and who it impacts Gavin.

There’s only 1 thing on the agenda for this weekend but it’s causing stress

The boys are headed to the Zoo today with their grandparents. Lizze and I will have at least part of the day to ourselves. We don’t really have anything to do or anywhere to go besides the grocery store and that will be a pretty short trip. Regardless of how short that trip will be, …

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Are there times when you find being an #Autism parent harder than usual?

Being an Autism parent is rarely described as being easy. It’s many things but easy simply isn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times that are easier than others. In that vein of thought, I thought I would pose a question to you all. Are there times you find being an Autism …

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The Life-Threatening Reason Gavin’s Surgery was canceled (video)

As you likely already know, Gavin was scheduled for surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital yesterday. Everything went as planned but we ran into a problem. I summed everything up in the video below because it was easier to talk about it than try to explain in writing. I’ll quickly explain what happened before leaving you …

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As an #Autism Parent: What’s one thing you will never do and one thing you will always do?

When someone becomes an Autism parent, everything and I mean everything changes. There are too many things to even begin to make a list and frankly, that list would be different for everyone. As an Autism Parent: What’s one thing you will never do and one thing you will always do? Please leave your answers in the …

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#Autism 101: Understanding Meltdows

Do you know the difference between an Autism related Meltdown and a tantrum? If you said no, you’re probably not alone. Meltdowns are easily one of the most misunderstood facets of Autism and I’m going to help you better understand. When you’re done, please help me share it so I can continue educating the public …

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(PSA) Why Swimming Lessons are Critical for Kids on the #Autism Spectrum

Why Swimming Lessons are Critical for Kids on the Autism Spectrum By: Michael Morris, Goldfish Swim School Everybody in the pool! Yes, that really means everybody. It is widely recognized that all kids need swim lessons. In fact, the American Red Cross says that the number one thing that parents can do to keep kids …

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How You Could Help Your Kids have a Better Relationship with their Grandparents

This is a collaborative post and therefore does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of this blog or its author. They say that age is just a number, and this couldn’t be truer. If you have kids and they don’t really have a relationship with their grandparents then there is absolutely something that you …

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