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I’m doing okay today

I’m having a pretty good day. I was sick for a little while but I’m up and moving now. I don’t want anything to do with food but that’s okay. We’re currently at my in-laws and having a nice visit. The idea is to keep things brief because the kids are already on edge and …

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Holy Shit! Can you say overstimulation?

Lizze and the boys came home well after bedtime and my God were the boys wound up. Elliott and Emmett were bouncing off of everything, while Gavin was like a walking zombie, desperately wanting to go to bed. Elliott was somewhat manageable but Emmett went from hyper to raging. It was painfully obvious that while …

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Is this a new hallucination or just a dream?

Gavin’s been doing okay as far as his Schizophrenia is concerned. We see the obvious symptoms every single day because they’ve never been completely controlled. Thankfully, Gavin’s hallucinations are not as dark as they used to be and they used to be really dark. I never know what to think when he tells me about …

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I had the house to myself

The family is at their Christmas party for the evening. I was really pushing myself to go because I knew we how important it was to Lizze. I’d mapped out directions and dragged myself out of bed. I had layed down because I felt like I was gonna puke but after a few hours, I …

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The two youngest never feel asleep

It was a fun night and by fun I mean awful. Neither Elliott or Emmett ever fell asleep last night. Emmett was in a really weird place and I’m not sure what’s going on with him. All of a sudden, he’s terrifed of the closet in his room but can’t explain why. Unfortunately, there doesn’t …

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Unfortunately, I might miss most of #Christmas

Our plans have had to be adjusted for this weekend because I’m not doing so well. As of now, I will be staying behind while the boys and Lizze head to the family Christmas party. The boys will be heading to Lizze’s parents to spend the day and when it’s time for the party, they …

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