A desperately needed break

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Lizze and I have the night off for the first time in forever. The boys are at Lizze’s parents until noon Saturday and we’re pretty frigging grateful. ☺

We didn’t really do a whole lot of exciting things but we visited my grandmother for a bit, ran a few errands and grabbed dinner.

After dinner, we watch the movie Dark Tower. Lizze hadn’t seen it yet and I thought it was worth a second viewing. We finished the evening off with some more Supernatural and called it an early night.

We’re both physically and emotionally exhausted. It’s been about four months since we’ve had a night to ourselves and we desperately needed it.

I fully intend on sleeping in till Maggie needs out in the morning and I already told her not to bother me until at least 10 AM. Lol

A solid eight hours is just what the doctor ordered.. If that’s all we really get out of this break, it will be time well spent.. ☺

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