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Should I worry about this, because I don’t know

Gavin and I went to get the damages to the car looked at today. Incidentally, there was over $1,500.00 in damages because some asshole felt the need to fuck with our car. That’s really frustrating but at the end of the day, the car is a thing and what I’m… Read more »

Confessions: So this happened today

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This is one of those really honest posts and I only share it to put our lives in better context, as well as showing others that they aren’t alone. This morning started off on a great foot, but has gone down him rapidly since. For the first time in a… Read more »

Dare I say it?

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Dare I say it? It seems like we’re starting the week off in the right foot. Everyone is relatively cooperative and in a halfway decent mood. The only thing on the agenda for today is taking the car in and getting an estimate on the cost of repairs from the… Read more »

We all get a break from each other today

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The boys are going to spend some time with Lizze’s parents today. This is good for the boys and good for us. It’s good for all parties involved. ☺ Over the last few weeks, we’ve not had a break from the kids and they’ve not had a break from us…. Read more »

I feel so helpless

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I’m really getting worried about Gavin. He’s definitely slipping in several key areas of his life, despite how hard I know he’s trying. 🙁 It breaks my heart to see him struggle the way he does. Saturday was a ton of repetitive talking and question asking because he couldn’t remember… Read more »

Fall at the Canton Garden Center 10/14/2014 (Gallery)

I took the boys to the park today. The weather is beautiful and I wanted to take advantage of it cause everyone was feeling good. Lizze stayed back cause she’s still sick and needed her rest. It was a perfect day for pictures and I did just that.. ☺