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Gavin’s IVIG infusion was a success 

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Gavin had his IVIG infusion last night, because we were gone for most of the day. He did really well both during and after his infusion. Aside for physical exhaustion, there weren’t any side effects that I was aware of.  Like I said, he was exhausted afterwards, and went to… Read more »

Major Update: All about Gavin 

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We have a lot of catching up to do in regards to Gavin. Now that the server is up and running, I can finally do that. Gavin had his immunologist appointment yesterday. He did really well on the trip up and back. Sometimes he struggles in the car but he… Read more »

General Update: Here’s what happened

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You’ve probably noticed there’s been some downtime here over the last day or so. I apologize for not making a general announcement prior but I migrated to a brand spanking new server. I was approached by a new host awhile back and over the last six months, we negotiated a… Read more »

We are supporting Wishes Can Happen this morning

We have a very busy day. Lizze has an appointment first thing in the morning. The boys and I will be dropping her off and then heading to a fundraiser for Wishes Can Happen. Thursday and Friday they are having a Wish-A-Thon to raise funds to grant wishes for kids… Read more »

I’m scared but we need answers

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Today is a really big day because we will be making the trip to Cleveland in order to visit the immunologist. I’m unsure of what to expect because we don’t know what is causing this issue with Gavin’s blood.  One of the things that concern me is that I haven’t… Read more »

A few things I want to do for my family

I started writing this awhile back and never got around to finishing it. As a parent, I always want what’s best for my kids. As a special needs parent, I still want what’s best for my kids, it’s just harder to get there.  There are a few things that I’m… Read more »

Autistic boy needs hospital treatment after ‘bullies’ leave plank of wood impaled in his head

I want to bring this to everyone’s attention because we clearly have a great deal of work that still needs to be done. We have to do a better job of raising our kids. For a child to be able to do this to another child, is really scary and… Read more »