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The kids are bouncing off the wall

OMG… The boys are all over the place. Gavin on the other hand, it’s relatively calm and very much focused in his everyday routine. It takes quite a bit for Gavin to lose focus on his routine. Everyone is extremely excited about Christmas and it shows. lol At the moment, I have Elliott and Emmett …

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Managing Christmas with 3 kids on the #Autism Spectrum

With Christmas quickly approaching and a house full of kids with Autism, we are bracing ourselves for a very challenging couple of weeks. Christmas is every kids favorite holiday and our kids are no exception. The difference is how our kids handle things. What kid doesn’t get excited about opening presents or eating tons of …

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UPDATE: 4 days into withdrawaling from #Paxil

I’m officially on day four of withdrawaling from Paxil and so far, so good. I’ve been slowly tapering down by rotating between my regular dose and half of my regular dose. As of now, I’m not having any problems but honestly, I’m not noticing anything because it will take about four and a half to …

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Once a year my kids are super motivated to clean, and I’m taking full advantage

We have absolutely nothing going in today. Scratch that, Lizze has an early morning appointment but that’s it. Our main goal for the day is to make some final preparations for Santa. We want to make sure Santa has a pleasant, safe experience when visiting our house on Christmas Eve. This is the one time …

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These meds are making me sick

The boys have been super hyper today and it’s only going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. I’ve been feeling very much under the weather for most of the day. The large amount of antibiotics I’m on for my back have been upsetting my stomach. I’m making sure that I take them …

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10 words broke my heart today

This afternoon, the boys have their annual Christmas Program at school. They’re both pretty excited for us to see their performance and we’re excited to see it. In fact, Gavin plans on recording the whole thing with his tablet because, and his exact words were, I want to record as many memories as I can. …

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