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We’re risking the wrath of the school attendance God’s

Unfortunately, Elliott never fell asleep last night and when we checked his temperature, he was back up to 100.7°F. He’s not complaining of anything but his cheeks are red and he’s well above the school’s 99.5°F, fever policy. I took a screenshot of his temperature records from this morning, and… Read more »

Poor Elliott is unable to sleep tonight

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It’s about 1:30 AM and believe it or not, Lizze and I were in bed shortly after 10:00 PM. Elliott is unable to sleep and shows no signs of being tired. He’s still in his bed and I’m trying to sleep in mine but it’s hard for me to feel… Read more »

We might be staring down the barrel of another fever disorder?

As of this moment in time, Elliott is fever free. I’m not sure if he’s actually sick or not because he seems to run fevers (usually low grade but higher than Emmett) and not show any symptoms. This is where my sleep deprivation comes into play because it’s never really… Read more »

Elliott’s hand drawn rendition of the classic Sugar Skull

Elliott was kind enough to allow me to take a picture of his latest drawing. This is what he remembered a Sugar Skull looking like. He didn’t have one to refer to so he relied solely in his memory. Lizze loves Sugar Skulls and that’s why Elliott decided to bust… Read more »

Does Ohio even care about Special Needs kids and their education?

I haven’t spoken much about this since I originally shared it but Ohio has a new school attendance policy. It’s aimed at reeling in the chronically truant, but ends up overreaching because it’s a blanket policy, regardless of circumstance. We received a warning letter last week because according to the… Read more »

Things are actually going pretty well

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After a nice power nap, I’m feeling so much better. The boys are still getting along and Gavin seems to be doing okay. He’s still off but as far as major problems go, we aren’t seeing anything significant. I still want to try and get the kids to the park… Read more »