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(Discussion) How do you know when, if ever to mainstream your child with #Autism?

Lizze and I have been debating this for the last few school years but either can’t agree or just don’t know what to do. This debate or discussion is in regards to whether or not Elliott and Emmett’s current school is going to prepare them for higher education adequately. Elliott and Emmett are both in …

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Why family therapy is important, especially for special needs families

One of the reasons we have maintained family therapy for all this time is because it’s so easy to overlook things when it comes to the emotional health of our special needs kids. Last night is a great example of when we learned things that we hadn’t known prior. This newfound knowledge helps us to …

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I’m grateful for the mornings like this

The boys had a good morning and Lizze did a great job of getting them ready for school. All I had to do was physically drive them there. Good mornings like this don’t come around as often as I’d like, but when they do I’m certainly grateful. Life is full of ups and downs. When …

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Review: The Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum (@NeatoRobotics)

This review is sponsored by Neato Robotics. They were kind enough to send out the Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum for me to review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced. About 2 months ago, I received a Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum from Neato Robotics. While I’ve become more familiar …

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We spent the morning in meltdown hell

It was a morning from hell. I’m going on about 3 hours of sleep and needless to say, I’m exhausted. Everyone was doing well this morning until we realized that Emmett didn’t know where his crocs are. We searched the house for almost 30 minutes and Emmett melted down the entire fricking time. He screamed …

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Here’s an important, decent size Gavin update

I’ve made some pretty significant progress in regards to figuring out all the Gavin related things I set out to find the answer to this afternoon. There are still a few things I’m waiting on return calls for. I’ll start with what I learned today. I was able to speak with the Cleveland Clinic about …

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