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The transition home hasn’t gone as expected

The boys seem to be adjusting to being home pretty well. That’s a bit surprising because we thought it would be a rough transition. They’re getting along well and for the most part, are having a low key kind of day. We chose to keep them home from school today… Read more »

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions this morning

The van has been returned and I’m super sad. It was an amazing van and it’s tough to go back to driving anything else. At the same time, we picked up Maggie from the kennel and now I’m really happy. It’s not like I can drive Maggie around town like… Read more »

It’s a very important day

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I had a rough time sleeping last night it was up about 7 AM anyway. I’m really excited to go pick up Maggie from the kennel and bring her home. We also have to return the van this morning as well. My main goal for today is to simply unpack… Read more »

Our final day and the Castle of Miracles

I meant to share this the other night but our return trip didn’t go as planned and I didn’t have time. The very last thing we did at Give Kids the World Village before departing for home was to have a star for Gavin placed within the Castle of Miracles…. Read more »

We picked up a hitch hiker on our trip

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The whole time I was driving home from Florida, I kept feeling something climbing on me but never saw what it was. I sorta thought it was my imagination after awhile and I dismissed it. While I was cleaning the van out after we got home, I found what had… Read more »

We’re finally home

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Hello everyone. We finally made it home from Florida, after a long drive. Both Elliott and Emmett have gotten sick and as a result, we had to cut our stay in Charlotte, NC short. The boys wanted to get home as soon as possible because they were miserable. I’m hoping… Read more »