A long overdue update on me

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The boys and I are going to have the day to ourselves. We’ll be dropping Lizze off somewhere in North Canton, because she has a Christmas thing with her Mom. I imagine she’ll be gone for most of the day.

Both Elliott and Emmett have lost their respective tablets until lunchtime because of choices they made before bedtime tonight.

I’m hoping to finish working on the first floor while Lizze is gone. I’d love to surprise her when she walks into the house from spending the day with her Mom. I made some decent progress today and I feel pretty good about that.

Our Christmas tree is decorated and looking pretty snazzy. It’s simple but we like and that’s what matters. ☺

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The weather has taken a turn towards the freezer as we have that cold front hanging around now. Walking at the park is not very practical right now because of the temperature and the construction. Our treadmill physically fell apart and that’s made walking much harder.

Having said that, my goal is to at least get my steps in while doing house work. I’m going to set a goal for flights of stairs and add that into the mix as well. I’ve also started adding Benefiber to my smoothies to help curb hunger and assist in my weightloss journey, which has gotten of the rails.

As I’m going to bed tonight, I’m feeling positive about life. The challenges are always going to be there but I’m feeling up to the task of taking them on. Nothing has really changed but I’ve think I’ve gotten the upper hand on my Depression, at least for now.

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There are times when Depression is controlling me and there are times when I’m controlling my Depression. Right now, I feel like I’m kicking its ass for a change. ☺

My goal is to take advantage of the clarity and jumpstart my return to fitness. It sorta fizzled out after our vacation in October. I’m going to use what I have and make the best of it. Every step I take is a step in the right direction.