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#Autism and #Legos: Gavin’s latest Creation

Gavin’s been on a Lego kick recently. He’s always loved Legos as he regresses, he has sorta gotten away from them because they were as easy for him to work with anymore. On Saturday afternoon, Gavin spent four hours building this from scratch. This was done completely using his imagination and he was so excited …

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Please don’t take even the little things for granted

I’ve been feeling optimistic lately and I still am, but at the same time I’m feeling overwhelmed. For some reason, life is feeling heavy and difficult to carry. Nothing has happened that would shake up my snow globe, so to speak. The boys have been a handful and then some, all day long. Emmett can’t …

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I’ll admit it, I’m smitten

I’ve never been a little dog person because I didn’t see the point. I’ve always had big dogs like Maggie, our 70 lbs English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We we adopted Ruby last week, the last thing I expected was to become totally smitten. Ruby weighs a bit under 5 lbs and is really tiny. Despite …

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We had two close calls with Gavin’s meds this week

We’ve had two pretty significant issues this week, in regards to Gavin’s Clozapine and IVIG infusions. I mentioned previously that there was a issue with Gavin’s Clozapine refill and that governing body that okays Gavin’s refills has decided to make his start over. That means bloodwork every Monday and only seven days worth of pills …

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aka…His Schizophrenic hallucinations

It’s been a sorta blah kinda day here. Nothing too exciting happened. Elliott and Emmett have spent most of the day together with little or no fighting. Gavin’s spent most of it isolated in his room. He was probably on some missions with his visibly challenged team of super best friends (aka his Schizophrenic hallucinations). …

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Our 1st snow day of 2018

We are enjoying our first snowday of 2018. It’s bitterly cold outside but I know many others have it worse right now. We’re staying warm in the house and have no plans for today other than doing things around the house. We’re supposed to get a break in the weather this weekend. For now, my …

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