Grocery shopping we did go -

Grocery shopping we did go

The boys and I headed out to Walmart to go grocery shopping right before lunch. They did pretty darn well for having as much energy as they did. 

When we were done, they helped bring everything in and put it away. 

They needed to be sorta reminded to keep on task but they were a big help. I was really hoping to get them to the track and maybe get a couple miles in but Emmett is not in the mood to go. 

If I were to force him, it would be a disaster and I would end up having to carry him all or most of the way. It’s not always wise to push a child on the Autism spectrum. 

Challenging them is one thing but pushing them to do something they don’t want to do, doesn’t always end well.

It’s all about balance and knowing the limits of your children. I feel that it’s always good to challenge them but making Emmett go walking when he doesn’t feel like going, isn’t a battle I choose to pick.. 

It’s not really a big deal because I can still walk on the treadmill…. 😉

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