Creative ways my kids avoid talking during therapy

The boys had an emotional therapy session last night. Gavin didn’t participate outside of briefing us on his rather bizarre missions he’s been going on lately. Frankly, it was weird and kind of uncomfortable to listen to.

Elliott and Emmett had some things that were upsetting them. These were things that I couldn’t help with because I don’t have any control over other people’s actions. They didn’t want to talk about it but they eventually did and I’m very proud of them for doing so.

Mr. Emmett went and found a blue bucket, cut out facial expressions, and taped them to the outside of the bucket before putting it over his head in an attempt to avoid talking about these things. He evertually opened up but it took some time.

I have to give him props for his level of creativity. I’m not sure anything was actually addressed or resolved but both boys aired their grievences and that took courage on their part. I’m really proud of them.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Rob, do the kids have their therapy session 1:1 with Dr. Patti, without anyone else present? Just wondering, as maybe there’s things they don’t want to say in front of each other or in front of you in worry that it may be upsetting to you.

Curtis G.

I know Emmett is going through a lot of personal emotional pain. But I too, marvel at his creativity. That’s really an amazing display of self expression.


Well, sometimes it’s enough to express oneself. At least then there isn’t the tension of bottling things up. Whether it leads to a more positive result quickly, at least your sons have that, plus counsel from the therapist, plus your support. All good things!