I have really good news and then some bad news

It was day one of unmedicated for , . If you recall, we had to pull his ADHD because it was causing cardiac complications. 

We’re going to be moving him to a different medication but it’s not ready yet. 

The is that his heart-rate is returning to normal and frankly, that’s beyond good news. 

The is that Elliott is very obviously not medicated for his ADHD. lol

Elliott’s been a handful today and I don’t use the word handful lightly. 😜

To be completely honest, I’d rather deal with bouncing off the wall Elliott than not bouncing off the wall Elliott, who’s having issues with his heart. 

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a better day for him. 👍😀❤️

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  • EllenBeck

    Heart problems for sure trump having him on a med that could have horrible consequences.
    Hope if he does need a different meds one is found thatt isnt so problematic. It will  be nice his body has a break and clears the old one out.