Taking life one day at a time because sometimes that’s all you can do

Taking life one day at a time because sometimes that’s all you can do

It was another challenging evening in The Autism Dad household but we once again made it through. ☺

Gavin had a pretty awesome day and that’s always a good thing.

Elliott and Emmett are just really struggling with life right now.  Elliott is grieving all the people he’s lost recently.  No one’s died but it began with his Mom leaving, then several friends from school moved away, some quite suddenly and without explanation or saying goodbye.

Emmett likes to have everything neat and tidy in his life and right now, it’s anything but that.  He’s a walking sensory nightmare and it impacts almost every aspect of his life.


Both boys are so anxious and grappling for some control over their lives.

Therapy tonight was a reminder of just how many challenges I face and that there isn’t any fix or solution other than continuing to move forward.

I guess we will just keep plugging along and taking life one day at a time.  ☺

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