How sensory issues impacted our lives again today

I took the boys to the park this afternoon..  It’s a beautiful day and I wanted to rake advantage because before long, the weather will turn cold.


Emmett took some convincing to go but eventually he came around. 

Unfortunately, the trip was short lived.  😦

Emmett was really struggling with his shoes and socks.  We had to stop over and over and over again to adjust his shoes and socks. 

Gavin’s hip was hurting him pretty badly and he was struggling to walk. 


It got to the point where it just wasmt worth it. I knew the further we got from the car, the bigger change their would be that neither Emmett or Gavin would be walking on their own. 

About a 1/4 mile into the walk, Emmett ended up on my shoulders and Gavin needed to get home.


We turned around and are it back to the car, having walked about a 1/2 mile.

By the time we made it back to the car, Gavin was barely walking and I was really tired from carrying Emmett on my shoulders. 

At least I can say we tried…. ☺

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Rob Gorski

Thanks. ☺ It was still a nice little trip. It was beautiful out and everyone got some sun.

Fran Kennedy-Ellis
I so understand. We went hiking recently while visiting my husband who is working remotely in Washington state. It was a rare sunny, beautiful, rain-free day. Not 1/2 way up the hill, our 11 year old son who has Asperger’s and sensory issues got hung up on how much longer, he was hot, thirsty, something smelled funny and then, full-out stonewall. We were unable to coerce, plead, beg or barter to get him to budge any farther. We aborted our mission to hike up a small mountain and retreated to eat far- removed Mexican food. Bet yer bottom we will… Read more »
Rob Gorski

I can so relate to that. There’s really nothing you can do but encourage, be compassionate, understanding and abort when needed.

As frustrating as it is for us as parents at times, I feel like it pales in comparison to how frustrating it must be for our kids…

Good for you.. ☺. I love your approach. Live to fight another day and never give up..

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.