Check out everything I accomplished :)

Today was busy busy busy….

The boys had great days at and had a good day at home.  There’s a few Gavin related things I need to touch on but that’s another post. 

Emmett did amazingly well at therapy this afternoon and all the boys did great at Dr. Pattie’s tonight. 


While I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to do today, I got my 3+ mile walk in this morning, was able to get the water fixed, speak with SSI about both boys, get the script for Gavin’s physical therapy/pool therapy,  finish a few very time sensitive projects for work and get an extension with my server host. 

I also got everyone where they needed to be, listened to Gavin’s driven conversations and proudly did over 10,000 steps in the process. 

I feel pretty fricking good about all this. 

Being that I’m only one person, this was a pretty good list of accomplishments and I’m really proud of myself.  ☺

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  • tannawings

    You got more done than I do tats for sure. My dog was sick and I was up alll night with him I as a sleepy mess.
    Hope things all work out at SSI, it would help you a lot.

    • Thanks.. SSI would be a blessing for sure… ☺