Your Thoughts on this: Man Returns 9/11 Hero Wife’s Woman Of The Year Award Because Of Caitlyn Jenner

There’s a lively debate going on within my Facebook fan page on this topic. I wanted to bring this here because it’s really interesting how people see this issue from different perspectives.

All I ask is that you please be respectful to everyone..

I’m wanting to hear your thoughts on this. This shouldn’t be about bashing someone who may be different. It’s about…

Posted by The Autism Dad on Monday, November 16, 2015

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  • dotdash

    He (the husband) says he returned the award not because Caitlyn Jenner is a trans woman, but because she’s a pernicious Barbie-doll model of a woman — consumed with her looks, with clothes, with plastic surgery, with celebrity. Hey, I agree with him. His wife, the police officer who died on 9/11, was what you would want as a model woman: strong, helping others, making her community stronger. Interesting topic.

    • I agree. Someone also brought up in the facebook discussion that Caitlyn was also recently involved in a hit and run that killed someone.. I’m wondering if that should factor in?

      I also wonder what Glamour motives were here? To honor a true hero or sell magazines.