I have a pretty big “The Autism Dad” blog update

The last 5 weeks have been somewhat difficult in regards to managing this site. My laptop had to go in for service because I only had a week left on my service agreement and I was having all kinds of problems. 

While it’s true that majority of my writing is done from my phone or tablet, physically managing the site can really only be done from a computer.

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I tried even using a chromebook but it was far too limited. 

Anyway, Best Buy ended up scrapping my laptop because they had it for over 5 weeks and nothing had been done. As of yesterday, I have a brand new laptop and I’m slowly getting back up and running. 

Best Buy gave me in store credit for the amount I paid for my original laptop. I had $100 gift card from earlier that I’d been saving and $35 in rewards zone points. 

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All in all, I walked out with a better laptop, a 3 year service plan and it only cost me $27 out of pocket.  This is why I always get the service plans on things like this.  ☺

Assuming this doesn’t have issues like the first one, I’ll be good for a few years to come. 

Without my computer, I’ve been unable to do some of the things I needed to do, including several reviews and giveaways..  I’ve been going through Photoshop withdrawal as well.

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It will be a couple of days before I’m back at 100% but I’m getting there ASAP… ☺