Unfortunately, Emmett’s sick

Emmett ended up home from school again today. This time is wasn’t sensory related. I mentioned yesterday that Emmett appeared to be getting sick and I was right. 

Unfortunately, he’s dealing with what probably amounts to a cold or sinus thing. He’s congested, his nose is stuffy and his throat hurts. 

It’s nothing serious but it’s making him seriously miserable. 

Right now, he’s snuggled

An important Gavin update 

There are too many thing to talk about with Gavin anymore, but I will briefly touch on how he’s doing overall. 

Gavin’s such a good kid. He tries so hard at everything in life and unfortunately, he’s struggling. We’re seeing more and more regression lately. Things like memory (especially short term), simple tasks and even walking have become …

A very important Elliott update 

This week has been focused on the kid at school who’s bullying Elliott. We spoke to his teachers and the principal but if today was any indication of how this is going to play out, we’re going to have a problem. 

While at Dr. Pattie’s tonight, we spoke with Elliott about this and learned that there were more …

Sensory issues kept my son home from school again

The boys were up early once again. Everything was fine until it was time to get dressed and ready for school. Correction.. Everything was fine until it came time for Emmett to put something on his feet.  

Lizze and I worked for at least an hour to help Emmett tolerate something on his feet. 

We tried countless shoe/flipflop/slipper/crocs combinations …

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