Confessions: So this happened today

This is one of those really honest posts and I only share it to put our lives in better context, as well as showing others that they aren’t alone.

This morning started off on a great foot, but has gone down him rapidly since.

For the first time in a long time, we have had our gas shutoff. My account is really screwed up at the moment. Some of if is my fault and some of it is billing on their end.

When I paid on my bill about a month ago, and accidentally paid $865.00 instead of $86.50, my bank eventually reclaimed the funds for me.

The gas company see that as I paid $865.00 and the check was returned. While technically that’s true, I accidentally paid the incorrect amount and it needed to be fixed.

While I do owe a balance, the total amount is in question because I have three different bills sent out this month for three different amounts.

They came out this morning to collect about $1,000.00 in order to keep the gas on. I don’t have an extra thousand dollars laying around so I couldn’t pay that. The person who came out was really nice and felt really bad because she could see that something was clearly wrong.

I’m so grateful that she fought for us and tried to help but in the end, she had to collect the amount that was on the bill, or else shut the gas off.

I can pay it on the 30th of the month but there’s no extensions or medical certs available until April of 2018.

My afternoon will be spent sorting through all that mess but I feel pretty confident that it will get figured out in the next day or so.

I also need to deal with the mortgage company today as well.

Our payment has been reduced by almost $100 and the mortgage company pulled out the wrong amount while we were in Florida. The bank disputed it for me. I just need to speak with them in order to figure out what happened, why it happened and how to make sure they pull the correct amount next time.

Both of these things are problems and large sources of stress. At the same time, I can’t be overcome by them. I know I will figure out something and I’m grateful that it’s not any worse than what it is.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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