I’m so happy for Gavin

I’m so happy for Gavin

I’m writing tonight to share something cool that happened today. Gavin’s huge into My Little Pony and they characters play a big role in his Schizophrenic hallucinations. Aside from Sonic, they actually play the largest role on his team of super best friends.

For the last few months, he’s been so excited about the new My Little Pony Movie that was just released in theaters.

Every time he meets someone, he shares how excited he is about seeing it.

This afternoon, Lizze’s Mom picked Gavin up and took him to see it. I guess it was just her, Gavin and some other dude in the entire theater.

Gavin ended up spending the rest of the day with his Grandma.

When he came home, he was so excited to tell us about the movie and while we don’t share his interest in My Little Pony, we are so happy that he’s happy.

Gavin is good kid and I’m glad that he got to see the movie, but also that he got to spend some one on one with Lizze’s parents.

Too often, it’s all three boys competing for attention and that’s not fun for anyone.

I’m thrilled that Gavin got some one on one with his grandparents today. ☺

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