I’m exhausted

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I wanted to drop you all a quick line and briefly explain my absence for the last day or so. First of all, we’re all doing okay. The kids finished out the school week on a good note and there hasn’t been any major drama since the last time I wrote.

The reason I haven’t written in the last day or two is simple, I’m exhausted.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and it’s catching up to me. I’ve actually been sleeping better because I’ve finally found a allergy medication that works and I’m able to breathe through my nose at night.

There’s just so much going on and it’s pulling me in a hundred different directions. Some of these directions are really good and others are just draining my limited resources. I’m needing to reevaluate some of my directions and cut the strings of the ones that are weighing me down.

For now I’m heading off to bed but hope to get back to writing in the morning.

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2 Comments on "I’m exhausted"

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Glad you are sleeping better.