What's up with the hole in my back? -

What’s up with the hole in my back?

While I was at the doctors yesterday discussing withdrawaling from my antidepressants, she also took a look at my back. The night before I had a large amount of infection removed, very painfully I might add.

Anyway, she removed the botched dressing that the Urgent Care did the night before and made sure it was okay.

There was what appeared to be a shoestring hanging out of an incision in the center of my back. That was part of the packing they used to keep the hole open for a few days.

She said that it was looking really good and that it should heal just fine.

I was also instructed to ignore the instructions from the Urgent Care because she’s not sure what they were thinking. I’m to only change the bandage once a day, unless there’s extensive seeping. As for the hot compresses they had told me to do four times a days, she said not to and I agree.

The Urgent Care had told me to change the dressing twice a day and do hot compresses four times a day. I understand the purpose of a hot compress but not in my particular situation and certainly not the way they advised me.

My doctor changed the dressing and made sure I was on the correct antibiotics, which I am. I have to take six pills a day for the next eight days in order to prevent another injection.

I should be removing the packing tomorrow. I’m not super excited about that because I don’t think it’s gonna be fun. Either way, I’m feeling better today and hope to finally be able to sleep tonight.. Zzzzzzzz

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