We’re storm prepping right now

We’re storm prepping right now

Our first day of our four day weekend is off to a decent start. After this morning’s meltdowns, things got better. The boys have been playing together without much problem and I love seeing that.

Any plans for going anywhere or doing anything are shutdown because of the weather. We are currently in an ice storm and everything is covered. This will be followed up with a massive snow storm that is supposed to drop up to twelve inches on us today and tonight.

I’m having the kids charge all their batteries so they can charge their tablets if the power goes out.

We have food and water to last at least a few days, not that things will get that bad.

I also realized that I’m going to have to shovel the back yard because Ruby is so tiny, she won’t be able to walk in the snow. He body is only about six inches off the ground and she struggles with a few inches of snow. Lol

We’re going to hunker down, stay warm and safe inside the house until this has passed.

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