I hate putting Gavin through this -

I hate putting Gavin through this

After taking the boys to school this morning, I’ll take Gavin to get this week’s bloodwork done. If you’re not already aware, Gavin needs weekly bloodwork in order to get one of his medications refilled. It’s a huge PITA but it’s a safety thing and since we don’t want anything bad to happen to Gavin, we make this happen every seven days.

It sucks having to put Gavin through this so often but we don’t have a choice. He’s also going to need his IVIG infusion as well. Assuming everything goes perfectly, he will only have to endure three needle sticks.

After that, I hope to sneak a walk in before a conference call at noon.

Outside of those things, it should be a relatively quiet day. I’d like to get some writing done and continue working towards returning to that habit. Writing is therapeutic for me but I’ve been struggling with it lately. I need to work through this and get back on target.

Hope you all have a great day.

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