#Autism Parenting: It’s time to give yourself a little credit

Autism Parents have to be many, many things. Unfortunately, one of the most common things they are is hard on themselves. The average Autism parent is about a million times harder on themselves than anyone else possibly could be.

We tend to hold ourselves to an impossible standard and blame ourselves for the struggles our kids with Autism often face.

There’s even a part of us that feels insane amounts of guilt because we can’t take away the struggles our kids face on a daily basis. We often beat ourselves up for things we have absolutely zero control over because… Well, truthfully, I don’t know why we do that but I do know it’s wrong and unhealthy.

We’ll tell you all the ways our kids are amazing without any trouble but when it comes to ourselves, we can sometimes struggle to find the positive.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that despite how we may feel about the job we’re doing, we’re pretty fricking awesome. I wanted to take a second and remind you to be kind to yourself. Give yourself credit for all the amazing things you do for your kids. Of course you make mistakes but the only one expecting perfection from you, is you.

Our kids are truly amazing but do you really thing they got that way on their own?


  1. Hey thanks for doing this. Iā€™m new to Twitterverse but 9 years deep in Autism parenting

  2. Hi! I’d love to share this post on our Autism Shifts FB Page. I love your website. But FB said this content is blocked and the url cannot be shared. Any thoughts

    1. I know. I’ve been dealing with an online stalker who has reported everything I shared to Facebook as SPAM or offensive. After about a dozen times of appealing and regaining Facebook access, the last time they falsely reported me, it seems to have stuck.

      The only workaround at this point to share the twitter link to facebook. It will take people to the twitter post and then to the actual post. It’s an extra step but until Facebook fixes the problem, it’s the only option to share on facebook. I really appreciate you wanting to share. šŸ™‚

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