I received the absolute best news today and I just had to share

It’s been a really long day but I wanted to share a bit of really good news.

I mentioned the other day that I had my labs drawn. It’s a cholesterol check before my next follow up at the end of the month. I figured I would find out the results at said appointment.

Well, after lunch today, I received an unexpected phone call from my Doctor’s office. I knew it had to be about my results and the rule of thumb is that they only call with bad news.

This time however, they were calling to give me some good news. I never get phone calls from people telling me good news, especially when it directly impacts me.

Turns our my lab work caught their attention and did so in a good way. They wanted to call and tell me that they were almost perfect. I say almost perfect because my good cholesterol is a little low but not bad. My total number is 150.

At my worst, before I began making changes to address things, I was sitting at almost 220. That’s not catastrophic but it’s getting there.

I’ve been working to bring things back into balance and a 70 pt drop is pretty decent. ☺

I feel really good knowing this and I plan to keep things moving in the right direction. All I need to do is bring my good cholesterol up a bit and that’s a diet/exercise thing.

This was just the boost I needed right now. It’s also proof that selfcare can make a difference.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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AWESOME! They say it’s always darkest before the dawn! I hope this lifts up your spirits and puts smiles on your face! :-}


Well done! If you can do this with all the stress you have, then there is nothing impossible! So how come i struggle?…

Miss Mox

Good job!


That’s great news indeed, Rob, kudos to you for working hard yourself to lower the results, next to… https://t.co/bHo88PmzMc