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This has been a huge problem for almost 2 weeks now

It’s even more upsetting because absolutely all of it ended up being unnecessary. Apparently, there was a setting in my account on their end that needed to be turned on and that was it.

Two weeks of frustration, wasted trips to the Spectrum store and stressing the kids out by having strangers come into our house. The techs that came out were really cool and I didn’t have a single problem with them because the issues ended up being outside of their control.

We had a tech out this morning because it was down again and the person he spoke with on the phone was able to identify the problem and correct it. Why did all the others miss it? That’s a great question.

At the end of the day, it seems to be working now and Spectrum applied a credit to our account for all the inconvenience. That was much appreciated.

I got tired of calling in and being on hold forever so I posted this tweet today.. They got back to me pretty quick and were very nice. ☺

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kimmy gebhardt

Ohmygod internet problems are MADDENING. Glad you finally got yours fixed. Seems to have sped your site up as well; it’s been at a crawl for a while now. Question- what’s going on with the raccoons? You mentioned them being in the attic but haven’t updated that in a while. Did you manage to get rid of them?

kimmy gebhardt

Just realized I forgot to ask if switching mobile providers is an option. The only decent service at my house is Verizon. Maybe you can find out which service works best at your house and switch plans? As a bonus there are usually some pretty good incentives for new customers.

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