It’s been a rough morning for Gavin but he totally surprised me

It’s been a rough morning for Gavin. I didn’t see too much of him until after I got home from taking the boys to school and getting my morning walk done on the way home.

When I arrived home, Lizze was watching him get his IVIG infusion ready.

I could see from the moment I walked in that he was not in a good place. Sure he was pleasant and polite as always but I could see he was struggling to stay on the road.

He got his infusion going and returned to his bedroom sanctuary to wait the process out.

Before long, he was back downstairs because one of the infusion sites was leaking a tiny bit. Gavin has historically not done well with problems arising during one of his infusions. The reason is likely due to the fact that he’s afraid he will have to re-stick himself with the needle. Who can blame him for that?

I certainly can’t..

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