It’s been a rough morning for Gavin but he totally surprised me – Page 2

It’s been a rough morning for Gavin but he totally surprised me

At the same time however, it’s so important that he remain calm and think through what’s going on. More often than not, he gets so worked up and ends up making things worse for himself.

I’m trying to teach him that by remaining calm, he can better problem solve and is more likely to find a way to fix whatever is wrong..

He was clearly beginning to panic as he tried to fix the leaky infusion site.

The infusion site can leak for many reasons but most likely it’s simply an issue of placement and the solution is to re-seat the needle.

Unfortunately, that was the solution required to address today’s problems. I was worried that Gavin was going to end up melting down over this but he surprised me.

Rather than escalating, he said to himself (outloud because he talks to himself outloud all the time) I don’t care if I have to restick myself. I just want to get this done. That’s exactly what he did. There was some drama but at the end of the day, he totally rose to the occasion and did a solid job of fixing the issue without losing his cool.

I made sure to tell him how well he did and that I was both impressed and proud by the way he handled himself.

It’s just as important that he hear about the good things he does as it is that he be corrected when things don’t go so well.

His infusion is still underway and his stomach is upset but he’s laying down, trying to relax.

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