My kids need to go back to school -

My kids need to go back to school

It’s been a massively stressful day because our three day weekend evolved into a five day weekend and it’s been tough for everyone.

Kids with Autism tend to struggle with change to routine and my kids are no exception.

They were still adjusting to the new school year and haven’t even been back for two weeks and now they’ve been off for almost a full school weeks worth of days already. This is not conducive to adapting to the new school schedule.

I think we all need to get this new routine down because it provides structure that’s very difficult to put into play otherwise.

Today has been full of meltdowns, fighting and stress. The boys have been at each other’s throats and I’ve just about lost my mind. As much as I love them and love them being home, I need them to get back to school so they can continue adjusting.

As of midnight, school has not been canceled and that means we may get back to our version of normal routine in the morning. ☺

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Suzanne Olsen

But if the school has sent everyone home for the week due to the warm weather then you need to listen


Jacob is 30 and he still doesn’t like change. At least at his workplace they’ve given him a schedule that is mostly the same week after week. And his manager is forgiving if he goofs but then, Jacob makes up for it by working hard.

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