A better tone for the day -

A better tone for the day

The boys got off to school and seemed to both be in better, if not good places. Lizze and Gavin joined me for a 1 mile morning walk, which is really good for both of them. I’m grab a second 3 mile walk before picking the boys up from school today.

At the moment, we’re waiting for Gavin to come out from having his blood drawn.

For those who are unaware, Gavin has blood work every week and a half in order to refill on the medications he’s on to manage his schizophrenia. It’s incredibly tightly controlled and requires a CBC prior to his next 2 week supply.

Anyway, I have a job to do later on today that is both an amazing cause and helping to put food on the table.

Hopefully, the day will continue to smooth out from here.. 😀

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