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A major update

Legally, the statute of limitations for myself and the numerous other victims I’m personally aware of has expired long ago.

None of this was about the desire for legal action. I know that time has long since passed. This was solely about trying to ensure that the person in question doesn’t fly under the radar and is never allowed to be around kids. I wanted to make sure that it was known, who this person was and what they have done to me, as well as eight others that I have personal knowledge of.

I’m going to be kept in the loop when appropriate and I expressed the understanding that none of what I said was in confidence. I realize that the person I spoke with was a mandated reporter and that this will likely be referred to law enforcement.

While I don’t relish the idea of going through any of that, if I can help prevent or stop this from happening to another child, I’ll do what is asked.

Again, legally this will go nowhere, at least as far as my personal situation is concerned.

All I wanted from this meeting was to be taken seriously and to make sure this person was on their radar. I don’t want them to have the opportunity to hurt anyone else.

As I said already, I’m completely physically and emotionally exhausted. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train but this will pass and I’ll find my footing. I’m also seriously considering talking to someone about this going forward because I didn’t realize how many areas of my life have been impacted by this.

Anyway, I’m so grateful this was handled in the manner it was handled and for being treated with compassion. That made it easier for me to talk about things I’ve spent a lifetime trying to forget.

I also want to say thank you for all the support I’ve received from my online family. It truly means a great deal. ☺

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You did the right thing for you. But you have a high moral code. Bless you, I’m sure what you did helped!

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