Gavin got some great news today

Gavin got some great news today

Gavin’s psych appointment went pretty well. The main focus was on his increasing levels of frustration and his intolerance when it comes to him making mistakes.

Dr. Reynolds and I were both very impressed with Gavin’s ability to express himself today. It was a bit repetitive and difficult to follow but he maintained his composure. He explained why he thought he was getting so frustrated and all things considered, he did a kickass job of doing so.

We have some things we need to work on with him but that’s just all part and parcel of being Gavin’s parents.

We also got some really good news. We might finally be able to push his labwork back to once a month. This would also mean that he would finally be able to get a 30 day supply of Clozapine. ☺

Gavin likes that because it means fewer needles each month. We like it because it means his labs have been relatively stable for 6 months and it takes away at least some of his pain.

We won’t know for sure if this is going to happen but his doctor has put in the request and we will have to see what the governing body that oversees the distribution of Clozapine has to say.

Fingers crossed.. ☺

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Kim gebhardt

That is great news for him. What were his reasons for getting frustrated?

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