I'm disappointed -

I’m disappointed

I’m really disappointed because I was really hoping to go walking and end the year strong. Unfortunately, it’s pouring down rain and it’s only 40°F. It’s a bit too cold to walk in this much rain.

On the positive side, I’ve already far exceeded my goal of 200,000 steps for the month and that’s ultimately where I need to be.

I’m disappointed but I’m moving forward because there’s nothing I can do about it. Rather than let it ruin my day, I’m going to let things happen as they will and not let it get me down. I’ve made serious progress this year and one day won’t make a difference. ☺

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Go anyways. Put on an extra sweater. Grab a big, fat, heavy parka, and then put on a raincoat and t… https://t.co/sAqiaB9ndv


Throw on an extra layer and go anyways. Mittens. Snowhat.

Kim gebhardt

Don’t give up. 200k steps works out to about 6500 steps a day. You can probably get a lot of that in by walking around your house and up and down the stairs.


We’re having a downpour here too. Supposed to get an inch. Our mailbox is across the street and as I ran out to get mail, I noticed even our front yard is turning into a lake.

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