There was blood everywhere and it looked like a crime scene

I was managing Emmett while Lizze was dealing with Gavin and both of us were getting overwhelmed.

We have no idea what’s going on with Gavin or why he was freaking out over a stomachache. He gets them fairly frequently and this didn’t appear to be any different. He’s just off this morning.

I managed to get Emmett to calm down and his nose bleed under control. It took way too much time and by the time it was done, Emmett was calm and I was frazzled.

After getting Emmett calmed down enough that his nose bleed was manageable, I had him work with Mightier because it helps him control his emotions and manage his anxieties. He needs to work on calming stratagies.

Gavin calmed down eventually as well and we were able to get out the door.

When we get done at the immunologist, I’ll let you know what we learn, how it goes and if we survive.

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Evie Asterwyn

My daughter is genetically prone to nose-bleeds (she gets it from me, and I get it from both sides…

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