It’s heartbreaking to see my kids struggle so much with sleep right now

I mentioned earlier that there are currently a few concerns in regards to the kids and I wanted to talk about them in a separate post. This is that post..

There are a few issues that the kids are struggling with but the biggest one right now is sleep disturbances. Elliott was up until 2 AM last night and Emmett keeps waking due to nightmares. Neither one of them is getting a restful night’s sleep and that’s a major problem.

Both boys are going to be starting a medication called Atarax. Atarax is an antihistamine. It can treat anxiety, nausea, vomiting, allergies, skin rash, hives, and itching.

It’s mild and is taken as needed, up to twice a day. Right now, we’re thinking bedtime. It can be taken with melatonin and it should help lower their anxiety, thus helping them fall asleep. Perhaps helping to also reduce Emmett’s nightmares.

I don’t like jumping to medications if it isn’t necessary and that’s not really what’s happening. Doing anything with their psych medications would be a bad idea right now because there’s so much going on in their lives, there’s no way to know what’s what.

Does that make sense?

Emmett’s script should be delivered sometime tomorrow. Elliott’s arrived the other day but he took it for the first time tonight. So far, it seems to be helping him because unless he’s faking it, he’s sleeping. For him to fall asleep before 10 PM is a good thing.

Assuming Emmett’s script arrives tomorrow, he’ll start it at bedtime as well.

This will help with their allergies also. I’m really hoping that Atarax is going to take the edge off enough to improve their sleep quality and duration. They desperately need that.

I would love to get Emmett back into his own bed at night. He’s afraid that if he’s not glued to me throughout night, that he will wake up and I’ll be gone. I get it and I don’t have any problem with him crashing in my bed for right now but I think it would be ideal for him to transition back to his as soon as he’s ready.

Frankly, he takes up the entire king size bed, making it hard for me to sleep as well. This is how he sleeps.

I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I’m calling it a night and will be in bed before 10:30 PM. I need some sleep as well. Zzzzzz

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Adelaide Dupont

It does make sense if you don’t know what’s what.

We had a melatonin question in our weekend quiz, Rob.