I’m so incredibly excited about today

I’m so incredibly excited about today

I want to close the day on a positive note. I’ll talk about the rest later.

The boys and I have an early day ahead of us. You may remember I mentioned last month that my birthday present this year was tickets to take the kids on a scenic train ride. We’re super excited, as none of us have ever ridden a train before. It’s like a stroller for big kids. 😂

We will be spending the day on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Here’s a brief video about what we’re going to experience.

It’s about an hours drive from our house and we have to leave super early. My parents are coming with us and that’s awesome as well. This will take most of the day from what I understand.

Oddly enough, the train may actually pass through the park I walk in every day. I’ve seen it do that before. The train will end up where we started and we’ll have an hour long drive to get back home.

Anyway, we’re all super excited and I’ll take pictures throughout the experience. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I’ll probably share pics there along the way.

I’m hoping this proves to be a nice distraction for the kids. They’re having good days and some very bad days. Right now, the rougher days seem to be more frequent, but we’ll figure it out. Some good’ol fashioned fun is just what the doctor ordered. ☺

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We’d love to do that. But we don’t want to drive 3 hours to take the train there.

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