It’s been a frustrating couple of days but……

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It’s been a frustrating couple of days but also kinda exciting. The kids are beginning to stay afloat for the most part and while school seems to be going better-ish, Elliott’s not sleeping and Emmett is very much struggling with impulse control, like a lot. It’s probably an ADHD and anxiety combo but it’s proving difficult to manage. At least he’s doing well at school. I’d rather have issues at home than at school.

We had a very emotional therapy session last night and I meet with Lizze, Pattie and my amazing (and I mean that) mother in law tonight to hash some things out. Hopefully, this will prove a positive thing and everyone benefits from it, especially the kids. ☺

As for the exciting part of things, the boys and are are going on a trip in February. I can’t talk much about it until I get the okay but we’re excited. More on that later.

The other exciting/frustrating part of life at the moment is setting up my podcasting equipment.

I’m using a Zoom H6 (hardware) as my recorder, with a dedicated boom mic. I’m trying to record phone call interviews in high quality because Skype and Zoom have been unreliable. I can get everything recording but the person on the phone can’t hear my voice. I think I found a solution and new cables are coming tomorrow but it’s very frustrating.

It’s complicated a bit more because my Note 10 Plus doesn’t have a headphone jack. Thankfully, the cables I need are only a few bucks, so trial and error isn’t a huge deal. I just need it done because I have 2 interviews this week and at least 1 one next week.

This is the current setup, minus the cables.

Anyway, Gavin just left for lunch with my parents and I need to run to the music store and see if they can help. On the way home, I’m stopping to look at my Dad’s printer and hopefully get it fixed. Then I pick up the boys from school and drop them back off at my parents so I can take this meeting tonight.

Assuming I survive the meeting, I’ll pick up the kids and get them home for dinner. Then it’s baths/showers, baking and some family time with the giant puzzle currently residing in pieces on my dinning room table. Fun fun… ☺

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