Divorce is so hard on #Autistic kids and it’s heartbreaking

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Before anyone feels the need to say it, I know that divorce is tough for all kids. This is a blog about Autism and so I’m focusing on that aspect, as it’s what I’m currently experiencing. I’m not trying to take away from anyone else.

We’ve had a slight change of plans today. Normally, the kids get picked up from school by their mom and grandma. On some Wednesdays, she goes with them to therapy and other Wednesdays they have dinner together and hang out at their grandparents house.

Elliott is struggling with everything surrounding her leaving and their relationship as it stands now. It’s been damaged. How damaged remains to be seen but it’s effecting every aspect of his life. He’s miserable, angry, scared and heartbroken. My goal is to help heal this relationship because his relationship with his mom is incredibly important.

The plan for today was to have a sit down with Elliott and figure out a way to address his concerns. This is between him and his mom but it needs to be facilitated for a number of reasons.

That was the plan and everyone agreed it was a good idea. Unfortunately, she’s sick and is unable to make it.

Rather than scrap the whole thing, the boys got to hang out with their grandparents for what may actually be the first time since all this happened. They see them when they’re visiting their mom but I don’t think they’ve had much grandparent time and they desperately need that.

At 5pm, I’m meeting the kids at therapy and Elliott, Pattie, and myself will meet to discuss how we can best support Elliott. His mom will be conferencing in via phone and while that’s far from ideal, I’m glad we’re at least able to pull this off. Elliott needs help and there’s very little I can do to help him besides give him a forum to discuss his feelings and concerns.

I’m hoping this proves to be positive because Elliott deserves to be happy.

I’m grateful but not surprised that everyone is willing to be step up here and work together to figure something out. We all want what’s best for the kids and that is so important. ☺

Rob Gorski

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