I’m so overwhelmed but incredibly grateful as well

I got the oil changed, one tire patched and all four tired rotated. We also figured out why the right fog light wasn’t working and fixed that as well. All I have left that needs done is the right tail light and the center brake light need replaced. The tail light is leaking and has water in it. The brake light is missing a large part of the gasket and so water is getting inside and causing it to fail. These are relatively minor and can be done in the near future. It took about three and a half hours to get this all fixed and I’m so grateful for his help. I made sure to thank my sister in law for her patience as well because he was really late getting home.

The kids got to bed a little later tonight as a result and while they are all sleeping before midnight, Emmett is coughing up a lung.

I brought him into my room for tonight A) so Elliott could sleep and B) because the cold air from the balcony seems to be helping him. He’s plenty warm. The mattress is heated and his blanket is heavy as well. I’m hoping this helps everyone to get some sleep tonight.

I’m so ready to crash but I wanted to get this out before I did so. I need to write more often because it really does help me manage life and not writing is making things worse for me.

Hopefully Emmett will be in school tomorrow because I have therapy and I really, really, really need to go.


    • BJW on December 10, 2019 at 6:37 am

    It sounds like you are saying the car had problems that the dealership hid from you. Unfortunately, once they’ve got your money they don’t want to help. Used car dealers can be unscrupulous.

    1. Not necessarily hid from me but when they never followed up on their promise to address certain things

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