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Gavin did the most amazing thing today

Gavin wants to write a series of three novels over the next five years and he’s already started.

While I was hanging out with Emmett this evening, Gavin asked if he could read what he’d written today. I was a bit concerned about how Emmett was going to react because much like Gavin, he’s brutally honest. I pulled Emmett aside while Gavin was getting his notebook and told him to be supportive.

Gavin read us the ten pages he wrote today and it was actually really good. I don’t mean to sound surprised but I guess I am. When Gavin talks, he’s a bit slower and struggles to articulate what he’s trying to say. When it comes to writing words on paper, he’s very, very articulate. He’s even creating original characters and not relying on Sonic etc.

I think this is something that could work. He’s very motive right now and self-publishing is possible.

My take away from this is that Gavin is motivated to do something for the first time in a long time and that’s hugely positive. I will absolutely encourage this and help him any way I can.

2020 is a new start for us and I want many things to change. One of my goals is to get Gavin in some kind of day services and get him time away from home. He deserves to have the best life possible and it’s my job to help him get that.

I feel really good about Gavin writing again and I can’t wait to share his story with you folks.

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