I’m seriously stressing out right now

Many of you know, we just recently got a new car. It’s a 2016 Buick Regal Premium II Turbo. It is a significant investment and the first one I had to make as a single parent. I just made my third payment this month and while it’s a challenge, it’s something I’m very proud of. I was able to do this completely on my own and that feels so good.

Twice this week, I’ve experienced car problems. It’s a 2016 and I was hoping to have a bit of time before having to deal with anything like this.

Earlier this week, the car wouldn’t shut off properly. It’s passive entry and push button start, so I can’t just turn off the ignition and pull the key. It only happened the one time and after a few cycles, the check engine light went out. The error code said the it was the ignition 1 switch circuit 2.

My brother, a GM mechanic, suggested that it may have just been a glitch and perhaps not to worry about it unless it happens again. Well, the check engine light is on again and this time, there’s a laundry list of fucking codes that were pulled.

I’m waiting to hear from my brother but I’m pretty stressed out. Depending on what the actual problem is, it may be covered warranty but I won’t know until he looks at it.

One way or another, it will get repaired but it’s just one more thing on my already overflowing plate. It might just be the switch but it might be more than that. I really need for life to slow down a bit because I cannot fucking keep up.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I feel for you, Rob. We just bought a 2004 Honda CRV that drove nicely and had low mileage, and we could pay cash for it. So Bob was driving it not long after we got home and the check engine light went on. He can fix it and the parts are coming, but having the issues happen right after buying? Annoying. Of course, it’s a much older car than yours so having issues isn’t anywhere near as upsetting as with a 2016 model. Good luck!


Well, at first Bob freaked out as he’s never worked on a Honda. But he’s okay now. I imagine it will be just fine after he fixes these couple of small issues.