We finally have a plan to help my youngest

We finally have a workable plan, at least in theory, to help Emmett get back to school. Again, this is a nonperfect approach to a very challenging and fluid situation, but it’s a plan nonetheless.

Emmett is dealing with some very serious emotional challenges right now and it’s interfering with every aspect of his life, especially school. He’s been unable to attend regularly for weeks and that’s a major problem. I have a whole team of people working together to help get him through this.

The two main options in regards to school were either home instruction or homeschooling. Home instruction is where the school sends a teach out a few days a week to work with Emmett. Homeschooling is much more challenging and basically involves me educating Emmett at home, be it on or offline.

My goal is to get Emmett back to school ASAP. For starters, Emmett absolutely loves school and it’s very difficult for him to not be there. More importantly, however, I want to get him back in control over his own life (as much as is appropriate for him).

Emmett is Autistic and desperately struggling with the loss of several family members, the death of a beloved pet and his mom leaving. This all took place inside of 2019 and frankly, it’s a lot for me to cope with. Emmett simply can’t, but he’s getting whatever help he needs. Unfortunately, it’s a process that’s made more challenging due in part to the way he operates and the way his brilliant mind works.

As of this morning, Emmett’s longtime therapist is preparing documentation for the school that will allow home instruction to begin, with the goal of integrating him back into the classroom ASAP.

I imagine this is going to take some time to setup but hopefully, we can begin moving forward soon.

The kids and I have been through a lot in 2019. We’re all struggling to adjust to a new life that none of us chose for ourselves. Things are very challenging right now, even more so than it typically is. That being said, we are making progress and have begun the process of rebuilding our lives. It’s imperfect, messy, painful, heartbreaking and slow.

….but progress is progress and I’m so proud of how far we come. We will get through this and we’ll do it together.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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