I have few ideas

Everyone needs a distraction from the reality that every single human being has found themselves in right now. Things are getting scary and they’re going to get worse before they get better. At least that what the experts say.

It really is scary and as I’m writing, my brain is playing out a thousand different scenarios and how I will respond to each one of them.

What I thought I would do is really focus more on writing and recording. That will serve a dual purpose. First of all, it’s therapeutic for me. Secondly, perhaps reading about how someone else is coping with this craziness, can serve as a distraction for others or at least a reminder that they aren’t alone.

We all feel lost and uncertain right now because we don’t know how this will all work out. None of us have ever experienced anything of this magnitude in our lifetime and it’s scary.

What I think I’m going to do is release more frequent updates about what I’m doing to help my kids through this, while clinging desperately to my own sanity. Look, I’m far from perfect and I know that better than anyone. I make mistakes and I’m feeling my way through the dark at this point, just like everyone else. That said, I’m finding creative ways to help my kids frame this current situation in a way that both helps them take it seriously and at the same time, not panic.

With the exception of driving to the school once a week to pick up the kids work, I have zero plans of leaving the house. That means I need to find a way to keep my kids entertained and otherwise occupied for the foreseeable future.

Video games and Netflix can only take you so far and we’ve already reached the point where we have lost interest in both. Please remember it’s been a rough couple of months for us and the kids are just now getting over a bout of influenza b. That has kept us isolated for over a week now. The clock has been ticking for a little while already and I really need to get creative.

Anyway, I’m working on some ideas and I’ll let you know what I’m thinking. For now, please stay safe, be smart, as well as prepared, but don’t panic.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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