Social Distancing Is Difficult But Necessary

We woke up to a dead fish in our aquarium this morning. The kids were very sad to find it belly up, after having for so many years now. I think having any fish for a few years is actually pretty notable.

The aquarium received a thorough cleaning. We discovered that the water heater was broken and that probably contributed to things. A replacement is ordered.

I want to try and focus on specific tasks each day. Now is a great time to catch the kids up on life skills they’re currently lacking and hopefully, that will help the house run smoother.

I think today’s focus will be on laundry. Even if I don’t get everything washed today, I want everything to get organized. Being organized will help make the process of endless laundry run more efficiently. The way I see it is that any laundry in their drawers or dirty laundry basket, is less laundry on the floor. Clothes being on the floor is something we can easily do less of.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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My husband has 2 heart stents and is 70. So he would be seriously at risk of death to contract Covid-19. Still, he’s lost weight and his numbers look all right. The only one of us who leaves the house much is Jacob, to work for Marco’s Pizza. Jacob compulsively washes his hands, which turns out to be helpful during this crisis. I also heard that taxi drivers in Korea would go home, strip, wash their clothes and take a shower. So that could also help if you are exposed to the public.


I didn’t vote for Mike DeWine either. But I’m deeply impressed that he is relying on things like facts, science, and reality to make decisions. I didn’t think I would be glad to be in Ohio during a major crisis like this, but we may be more fortunate that people in many other states.